SpicePax offers spices and spice blends that are suitable for every taste.
From fiery chilli to the more subtle hints of mild spices, we have everything that you need to spice up your dishes!
Most of our spices are offered in 25g and 50g packs but we can supply smaller or larger quantities! Please ask!
There are no stale products stocked here!
We produce products to a quality, not to a price.
You can always be assured that you will receive the best that we can offer!
As our products are blended, prepared and dispatched individually then please allow 2/3 working days for delivery.
Why Use SpicePax?
We use only the very best ingredients available!
Our products are made from authentic recipes, please tell us if you would like a different blend or variation!
Eco Friendly – Minimal packaging! In order to keep cost down and because we care about the environment, we use only the necessary packaging to ensure that the product arrives safely at your door, and in great condition.
All our products are freshly blended, prepared and packed to order!
Much more flavour than store-bought blends!
No artificial colours, additives, preservatives or GMO’s!
Store-bought products may contain too much salt, sugar or cheaper ingredients like mass produced powder and husks. Plus you don’t know when or where they were made!